Thursday, 1 December 2011

My New Bicycle.

Hello all my friends! My name is Anas Azman. Im in Year One Berlian. Im studied at SK Padang Midin. This is my new bicycle. My father bought it last week because I got the first in my class. Im so happy because this is my wish to have my own bicycle.

This weekend I will ride my bicycle with my younger brother. I will wait the time to come because I want to show it at my friends and teacher.
I will take good care of my bicycle.

Read and understand. Then, circle the correct answer.

1. Who bought the bicycle for Anas Azman?
    A. Mother   B. Grandfather    C.Father

2. Why Anas was very happy?
     A. Because he got the letter.  
     B. Because he got wet.
     C. Because he got the present.

3. What is the name of the school?
     A. SK Padang Midin
     B. SK Lembah Midin
     c. SK Tanjung Aru

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