Friday, 2 December 2011

Topic - Guess the sound of the transport

Hello Class!

 Yesterday  you  have  learnt  about   the  story of  Anas  and  his  bike. Do  you like  the  story? Today  we  will  learn  about  a  new  topic. The  topic  is  Guess the  sound  of  the  transport.

There  are  many  transport  around  us. You  can  see  it  around  your  town, village  and  around  your  country.

Some  of  the  examples  are  air plane,  jeep,  motorcycle,  chariot,  police car,  boat,  bicycle,  fire truck,  bus,  helicopter,  semi truck,  ambulance,  car   and  train.

Now  I  want  all  of  you  to  watch  the  video.  Ok  class  see  you  after  the  video. I  hope  you  will  enjoy  it !!!!!    

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